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Why this pertains to you…….

Over the past several years, I’ve been asked the following question an endless number of times:

What books do you recommend to read?

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Instead of sporadically recommending books weekly to colleagues, friends/family, my blog readers, & that random person in line at Starbucks…..I decided to curate a “private” monthly book recommendation newsletter to share a few superb books I’m reading each & every month.

Only 1 high quality email, once a month….

My monthly Reading Recommendation Email now has 250+ subscribers who are enjoying the books I recommend.

They range from professional athletes to business owners, baby boomers down to millennials.

I think you too can benefit from the book recommendations I share.

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**I recommend a wide range of books, all endorsed for the sole purpose to positively impact your life, your work/business, your health, your knowledge, & your overall well being.

Everything from hard to find classics to current day New York Times bestsellers, inspiring biographies to amazing non-fiction.

Each of the books I recommend must meet the follow criteria…..

  • I have personally read it
  • Feel strongly the book can make a lasting impact on those who read it

I send each monthly reading newsletter from my personal e-mail & enjoy trying to respond to every reply (I want to hear what you’re reading and which books have an impact on you).