What Do You Think? What Do You Believe? (Video)


In this video, I purposely start each point I make with “I Believe.” There is a big difference between what you think and what you believe.

I discuss the following topics in less than 2 minutes

-Our natural human ability to sell as a child. How most people have lost this by the time they’re an adult (and why this matters).

Fear– We need to stop caring so much about what others think. Instead, we should focus on what we love and the people who care will follow.

Education– What the educational system should improve on.

Children are all unique individuals, therefore the educational shouldn’t teach accordingly (not by conforming). Education needs to encourage curiosity & creativity opposed to heavy testing and standardization. Yes they are important in some aspects, but the system should not be based on it.

College– The right reasons for going.

Work– Find work you love doing everyday.

Taking action– Be heard, give your opinion, and share it with the world. Most people don’t take action simply because they are afraid of the unknown (will people like it, dislike it, judge). The first step is simply putting your work out there in the world, otherwise it will never be heard. Then go from there 🙂 -Ryan Malinowski


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