Don’t Complain. Just Work Harder- Jackie Robinson

In 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African American player to sign a contract in the major leagues. Up until that point, it wasn’t allowed.

Unlike every other player, Robinson’s contract had stipulations and crazy guidelines in it that he had to follow. If not, his contract could’ve been terminated.

The following quote gives you the visual:

“It was written in Jackie Robinson’s contract that he wouldn’t complain even when people were spitting at him.”

The amount of tolerance, anger, and restraint Jackie must’ve had was enormous. We all can learn a few things from him.

From hating on our jobs to Starbucks giving us a large instead of a medium (I think they call it a Venti), many of us find reasons to complain about everything. If you don’t personally do this, you sure know someone close to you that does.

We need to take a second…..step back…..and look at our actions.

The minor things we complain about on a day to day basis really aren’t that big of a deal in comparison.

Is complaining about _____ going to make the situation any better?

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when it’s acceptable and makes sense to complain. But the majority of the time, this isn’t the case.

By asking yourself the following 2 questions, you start to realize the significance of each complaint.

Why am I even complaining?

What’s in my control and what can I do to change it?

When you think you have it hard, just think about others who’ve had it way worse.

If you complain about your job, relationships, or friends consistently. STOP!!! Complaining doesn’t solve anything.

Take actionable steps to get to the place you want to be……the place where you’ll stop complaining.

Have a friend or someone you kind of know that complains too much? Go ahead…….feel free to share this article with them 🙂


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