How Successful Employees Succeed Today

How Successful Employees Succeed Today- The Success Tree

How do successful employees succeed today? And how do those who aren’t successful fail?

We hear everyday about those we know losing jobs, getting let go, and not finding work.

What most fail to discuss though is this: What makes an employee essential to a business?

Showing up isn’t merely enough. If your sole job is just to be there and follow instructions, you don’t have much job security anymore.

Events such as budget cuts and layoffs are not in the employees control, but there are plenty of factors that are.

A problem that a lot of people have is that they simply show up to their jobs.The Success Tree

The routine goes something like this….

  • Punch the clock
  • Drag along throughout the day
  • Count the minutes down until punching out at 5

Sound familiar? If not for you, then for those you know. Guaranteed!

Instead of looking at work as a good thing, many look at their work (and company) as a simple trade off.

Trade “X number of hours” for “X amount of dollars.” 

Regardless of how much or how little work is done, they still expect the same wage (thus going thru the motions on a daily basis).

This doesn’t help set you apart, encourage promotions, interest others in hiring you, or make you a hot commodity (in your field).

You need to look at your work differently

Stop looking at your work as a mundane grind & start looking at it as an opportunity to work on your craft everyday.

Yes…you might not enjoy your current job.

But if you don’t do well at your current job now, what makes you ever think that dream job at a better company will want to hire you later down the road?

Until that point, look at your work as a stepping stone. Ever single day.

Not one where you slug through the day. But one where you bring value to the workplace, improve the business through your work, and make those around you notice you’re a key component to success.

I don’t care where you work.

You can work at a grocery store or a prestigious law firm. Your ability to do great work solely lies in your hands.

Successful people all once had to go thru the same uphill journey as you. Remember that.

You have two choices:
Be the best at what you do, looking at each day as an opportunity to stand out while doing great work
Continue going through the motions and be disappointed where you end up

The choice is yours. No one else’s!

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