If You Have a Dream, Go After It

Over the past couple years, I have started watching a lot of documentaries. I’m most likely drawn to documentaries because they’re non-fiction and based on true personal stories.

Only a select few though have stuck with me as a constant reminder…to go after what it is you want in this world.

The E:60 Feature “Walk On” featuring DJ Gregory falls into this category.

DJ Gregory was born with cerebral palsy. His lungs were under developed and doctors told his parents that he would never walk. Both of his parents refused to take this as an answer. After countless surgeries, physical therapy, and persistence, DJ worked up to walking with a cane.

DJ had a strong passion for sports. Unable to play contact sports like football or basketball though, he fell in love with golf. As his passion for the game of golf grew, his father began taking him to watch the pros play.

It was at these golf events where he caught the attention of sportscaster, Jim Nantz. Jim invited young DJ up into the broadcast booth and was given full access for years.

In 2008, DJ made a lofty goal to walk every hole, of every round, of every golf tournament of the 2008 season.

Breakdown: that’s 44 tournaments in 45 weeks. 180 rounds. 3,256 holes. Nearly 1000 miles.

With Nantz and the support of sponsors, the PGA Tour gave DJ his opportunity. He followed a new player each week, interviewing each one for his personal blog and writing about the experience.

His toes overlap, meaning that the act of walking is unbearably difficult. Through the falls, blisters, bandaids, and sheer determination, DJ kept pushing on (this makes you think differently the next time you complain about walking anywhere).

His amazing journey drew more momentum as the season moved along. DJ gained admiration and the utmost respect from players and every individual who supported him on the journey.

DJ Gregory achieved his goal!

The following quote from DJ is one that I keep close to me. I keep it in my “goals” notebook that I have been reading daily for the past 7 years.

Here’s the picture in my notebook…

“If you have a dream, go after it. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something.” -DJ Gregory

DJ teaches us to go after what we want in life no matter what setbacks or obstacles come our way.

I hope you will take 12 minutes out of your day to watch DJ’s documentary here and share his inspiring story.

In 2009, DJ started the Walking for Kids Foundation. The foundation allows PGA Tour Pros and sports fans the opportunity to support several children’s charities.

You have the ability to go after much larger goals than others think you’re capable of too. Go out there and get started!


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  1. Many can say they are inspired by the actions of DJ Gregory. Much fewer can say they are doing the same in their lives to reach their dreams. Only the fewest of few actually make their life dream a daily desire to fulfill their dream, even though they may have been told in the past that they had no chance of ever making it a reality. Don’t ever give up or think that you can’t do something that you know deep in your heart that you can do. The heart and mind will always outreach natural talent.

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