Fitness, Gratitude, & Happiness Hacks: Weekly Q & A #1

In today’s weekly Question & Answer video segment, I share with you 5 specific questions that my readers have asked me over this past week.

Questions range from favorite current books to gratitude, fitness to “not” calling it networking.

Below are the listed questions with bullets on each as a refresher. Enjoy….

1. What do you do to stay in shape?

  • Exercise 4-5 times a week.
  • No diet- go by pluses & minuses system. If you cheat on meals, spend more time at the gym working it off.
  • Consistency is key- set a consistent weekly exercise plan that works best for you personally.

2. What books are you currently reading?

I just read & have finished Future Crimes by Marc Goodman. I have recommended this book in previous posts since I began reading it, but I think it’s eye opening. Whether you’re a rookie on the web or a seasoned veteran, you’re sure to gain knowledge from this read.

3. What life lesson do you have for the week?

Being grateful for what you have each and everyday.

Each day, I pick three things I’m thankful for. Pick small things that aren’t, “I’m thankful for a nice car” type. That stuffs materialistic. Think more in terms of acts of kindness & lesser known parts of your day that you can sit back to appreciate.

4. Best tip on Networking?

For starters, it’s important to stop “referring” to it as networking. It is your goal to build lasting & meaningful relationships with real people you desire to associate with. The test will take care of itself if you handle yourself in a professional manner while providing a ton of value.

5. Name one goal of yours for 2016?

Completely un-business related, one of my main goals for the start of the year is to get my teeth fixed from the dentist (hockey problems :))

Random Thought of The Day

Set a few hours aside each week to go “cell phone free.” You’ll be better off because of it & will begin to enjoy your separation for your mobile device.

Many of us are attached at the hip to our devices…..this exercise helps to alleviate the mobile dependence.

Have a great rest of the day!!!

-Ryan Malinowski

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  1. Great point you made about not just asking people for something but what can you do for them. You should have already done something for that person way before you ask them for a favor.
    A good work/life balance will do better for you in the long run

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