Stop Bothering People- Start Providing Value

In 1996, you were thrilled when you got an e-mail.

In 2001, you were happy when someone called your cell phone.

In 2006, you were still excited when someone texted you.

Most of us get more e-mail than we need and we prefer when people text us opposed to calling. Don’t believe me?

Think about this for a moment….

Over the last month or two, count how many times you or someone else has asked via text if it’s a good time to call you? (as opposed to just calling initially).

Examples: Hey, is it a good time to call you?……..Is it a good time to talk on the phone now?

We value our time more than ever before. More choices are widely available to us every day and it’s harder to gain anyones attention. More Choices, Less Time.

With this being said, the problem that most employees and entrepreneurs run into with their work is this:

They bother people instead of providing them with real value. In whatever field your in, it’s important to ask yourself these questions:

How am I making their life (the customer) easier?

What true value does my product or service offer? Am I giving value or just pestering them?

What makes me stand out from the dozens of other ___(accountants, salesman, servers, etc) down the street?

Why should someone work with me? Why should they continue to?

Understand that we live in a world where being really good at your job or occupation is just not good enough anymore. It’s just not. Below are a few businesses that really get it. They value customers & their time. They will thrive while others struggle to survive.

Years ago…you might have been the best taxi service in the state, but now you’re competing with Uber and Lyft.

You might be the giant Walmart today, but in 10-15 years, Amazon is going to run the whole show (check back to the website soon- article coming in 2 weeks on this topic, it will be good).

You might have been the only college in town, but now you’re competing with Khan Academy, which offers free classes online from MIT, Harvard & many other prestigious institutions across the nation.

Value, Time & Innovation Wins

-Ryan Malinowski


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