The Lady In Number 6- A Documentary That Will Improve Your Outlook On Life

Today’s post is on an inspiring documentary I recently watched that will surely play a positive role in your life.

Along with writing on self-improvement, business, entrepreneurship, and marketing, I write on topics that interest me (those I feel will also resonate with you as well).

This documentary, The Lady in Number 6 is no exception to that. It’s inspiring!!!

Quick overview before you watch- 11 minutes in length: Based on the life of Alice Herz Sommer (Age 109- oldest Nazi concentration camp survivor). Her musical abilities as a pianist are unparalleled and her outlook on life is astonishing. The full version is 37 minutes but is not available via Youtube.

I’d like you to watch the documentary now below. Once you’ve watched it, continue reading below the video.

Now that you’ve watched the documentary, think about your outlook on life on a daily basis.

After watching a documentary such as this one, we realize that we generally have it pretty good. All the little things you (and I) complain about really aren’t that bad in the scheme of things (flat tires, it’s raining, work on a Saturday, etc).

If you can take away one main point from this documentary to use in your own life, it should simply be appreciation.

Are you appreciative of the life you have in front of yo everyday? The opportunities, friends, family, workplace, food on the table, your living situation, and so on.

Most of us go about our lives without truly grasping how good we really have it. Sometimes, it take a documentary such as this one to help us reflect on this.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this documentary as much as I have. Feel free to share this with someone who may find it inspiring as well.


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