Why Public Speaking is the #1 Human Fear

Human Fear

If you look back in time, human fears have changed dramatically from one time period to another.

10,000 years ago, human fears were more life threatening than they are TODAY!lecture


Back then:

  • You didn’t know if your nomadic tribe would find it’s next meal
  • You could be attacked any moment by a “massive” Saber Tooth Tiger
  • Your life was in danger every morning you woke up

Nowadays, we still have occasional life threatening fears, but they are not as severe day to day.

Studies show that one type of fear ranks higher than death on the list of human fears. 

Wow! What fear is that???

Public Speaking

So….Where does the fear of public speaking come from?

You certainly were not born with the fear of speaking in public. The fear itself most likely started when you were in grade school. We were raised in an educational system that lacks at instilling creativity, imagination, and individuality in young minds.

….If you made a mistake on a test, you got a bad grade, were punished or critiqued.

….If you raised your hand too high in class or asked too many questions, you became afraid that those around you would laugh & judge

This is where the fear started.


If you’re still afraid of public speaking though, you can overcome the fear.

I’ll leave you with 4 quick tips. Take them to heart and your fear of public speaking will dramatically subside.

  1. Studies show that your audience (whoever you’re speaking in front of) actually wants you to do well. They are rooting for you to have a good performance.
  2. The better you know your material, the more comfortable you will be. Be passionate about the topic.
  3. Always talk a little slower than you think you should. Pauses create build up and allow listeners to better understand you.
  4. Have fun. No one has ever died solely from speaking in public and neither will you.

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