2-3 Things A Day: Process to Better Productivity (Part 1)

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time to accomplish your check list for the day?

We all know the feeling…

Contrary to popular belief though, the solution is not keeping an ongoing list of 10-20 daily tasks. It’s not helpful or productive.


As humans, when given a large handful of tasks to do, we tend to lose focus on completing each individual task. It’s not your fault, this is how most of us are genetically wired. Our failure to follow through on large checklists gives us the feeling that we are unproductive.

We get sidetracked browsing the web…..aimlessly checking social media to pass time…..and before we know it, we don’t get much done!!

What can we do about it?

Set 2-3 “must get done” goals/tasks for the day.

When you choose these daily tasks, DO NOT just pick anything.

Think in these terms:

If I only get these tasks completely done today, will I be satisfied & feel productive?

Below is a quick example: (notice I set specific lengths of time)

A good tasks list:

  • Read for 45 minutes(non-fiction)
  • Make a minimum of 15 important business related calls (90 min max)
  • Workout for 60 minutes

The argument against this process is “yea…that’s nice, but I want to get more done.”

By following this process, you will get more done and have better productivity. I’m not telling you how big or small your lists needs to be. I’m simply suggesting this plan….because its proven to work.

Whether you believe it or not….try it out for yourself to really see it in action.

Write down a few “must get done” goals for the day.

You will not only finish your day with a smaller task list, but also with a better sense of personal productivity and accomplishment.

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