Leading Is Not Managing. And Managing Is Not Leading

There is a huge misconception in the working world when it comes to leading and managing these days.

Just because you are in a position of management does not mean you are a leader.

My definition of a leader is as follows:

A great leader is able to give away the credit when things work and willing to take the blame when things don’t work.

Great leaders don’t have to be involved with management at all.

Martin Luther King didn’t manage, he led. People followed him because he spoke for what they believed themselves.

Too many individuals in management roles today fail miserably when it comes to leading. They bark out orders, instructions and directions without understanding the reasoning behind it.

What motivates others to follow me?

Would I listen to “me” if I was in their shoes?

Have I actually earned their respect or am I just an idiot with a f*&king title?

True leaders get their hands dirty and lead by example.

Leaders aren’t afraid to get involved on all levels. They’ll “sweep the floor” if needed. They do not see themselves as superior either, but rather as equals working alongside a team, group, etc (by doing this, you are still leading).

Why is this important?

As we move further into the technological age we’re currently in, more power will continue moving into the hands of the employees from the employers.

50 years ago, the means of production were held by big business, factories, and people with deep pockets.

Today, each of us personally owns the means of production, our laptop.

We are not as attached to companies today like we were 50 years ago. More opportunities, jobs, and career paths are available to us than ever before.

That being said, each of us has more control today over the people we choose to work for & with.

Companies that lead will prosper & businesses that manage will collapse.

The power is now in our hands.

Whether you are a business owner, manager, or work within a company, the following holds true.

If you want people to follow you today, you cannot manage anymore.

You need to lead.

Ryan Malinowski


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