Change Is Inevitable: Elvis, Jobs & Technology

The date was June 5th……….

The year was 1956……

A young star hailing from Tupelo, Mississippi was about to make a national appearance on The Milton Berle Show.

His music was dazzling fans all across the country, but his new style was the start of MAJOR controversy.

His name was Elvis Presley (you might’ve heard of him :))

Millions backlashed against his “hip swinging/shaking.”

They simply weren’t accustomed to it. Words such as vulgar, animalistic, and disgraceful were used by all the critics & everyday citizens alike.

Some shows even started banning him from appearing on their shows after the fiasco.

Thinking back to 60 years ago, this seems pretty comical to us today, right?

Yes…but maybe not.

It’s the same modern day situation we witnessed last year with Miley Cyrus. Regardless of what you think or believe about her morals/talents/music, we can all agree on one thing:

She was pushing the boundaries, regardless of if you feel that’s right or wrong! 

Boundaries will continue being pushed in all fields, including employment, technology, business, music, and so on. We will embrace some change with open arms while putting up our shields towards others. Change is inevitable.

The same holds true in the job market, which is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before. Jobs that thrived 30-40 years ago are becoming outdated, replaced, and are going extinct today. On the other end of the spectrum, new jobs our possible today that wouldn’t have been possible just 15 years ago.

We all have a choice:

1. To adapt to the new market and to change (good change that is).


2. Keep our stone age mentality and tell ourselves that the old/current ways will always hold up and work.

Only one will work. It’s not the latter.

-Ryan Malinowski

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