My 5 Minute Career Test: Is Your Job Right For You?

We hear this all the time.

If you have a good job you truly enjoy, that’s awesome!!

A lot people though……don’t fall in the above category, so that is who this post is intended for.

1. In a few short sentences, explain the first thoughts you have before starting the work you do everyday? (excited, miserable, indifferent, bored)

2. Are you generally encouraged to be creative, voice your opinion, start new projects, make mistakes and learn from them?


Are you handed a rulebook, given strict instructions, and expected to do only what you are told?

3. Without thinking about your current position, describe your vision of the perfect work setting in a few sentences. What type of work are you doing? What would the environment be like? How would people treat each other?

4. What value/skills do you bring to the world? What are a few hobbies or qualities that friends, family, colleagues tell you you’re really good at? These people know quite a bit about you so they know your strengths (great communicator, creative, leader, anything you excel in).

5. When you look back years from now at the current work you are doing, will you say to yourself:

I was completely fulfilled, emotionally invested, and passionate about my work.


I was really unhappy, frustrated, and thought I should be doing work that I actually enjoyed.

After answering the above questions honestly and with some deep thought, you will have a much clearer understanding of what you should be doing for a living.

This activity is not meant to be easy. Be honest with yourself and don’t shy away from your answers. Self-evaluation & analysis never is at first. That’s the point of the activity (to get you thinking about why you do the work you do and realize if you need to change it or not).

Note: I’d appreciate if you could send me a quick e-mail/note by clicking here Ryan Malinowski. Let me know how this activity went for you. Can be anything: if it helped you, how, if you liked it, comments, etc.


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