Moore’s Law & Why You Need To Get Yourself Online

Moore’s Law is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. We are also seeing Moore’s law take place elsewhere.

A circa 2010 intel processor has more computing power than the U.S government had in the 80’s.                  -Peter Diamandis

In simpler terms, let’s look at your cell phone.

When you buy a new phone, it has all the latest and greatest tools/widgets. A few years later, you’re phone is still quite advanced but it has been surpassed by the newest phone (faster speed, more capabilities, better quality).

Where I feel people need to be paying more attention to is the affect Moore’s Law is having on internet users around the world moving into the future.

Lets look at some hard facts:

-1995: Less than 1% of the world had an internet connection

-Today: About 40% of the world has an internet connection

-First billion users reached in 2005…..second billion in 2010….third billion in 2014. This upward trend will continue.

This data’s nice, but why does this matter to me?

It matter’s for two reasons.

1. Billions of voices that have never been heard will finally have a voice over the coming years, from remote villages in Africa to the deepest forests civilizations in the Amazon (once they are connected).

2. This mean’s trillions in dollars of revenue for the world economy. Your product, service, cause, idea will have the capability to reach more people every year if it’s remarkable.

That’s why I highly suggest getting online today, regardless of what it is you do.

I spoke with a small business owner recently via e-mail who didn’t understand the importance of having an online presence for his business.

It wasn’t that he was against it by any means…..he was just old school in his way of thinking.

I gave him the classic Blockbuster example! Here it is…

The first Blockbuster opened in late 1985 in Dallas, Texas.

Blockbuster’s founder, David Cook, had extensive experience managing huge databases. A key role in their success was their ability to customize a store to it’s neighborhood. 

Throughout the 90’s, Blockbuster flourished and became the industry leader.

All was fine for the company until the turn of the century hit. The next sentence is what led to there extinction.

In 2000, the company turned down a chance to purchase Netflix for $50 million.

They had all the capabilities, capital, and business experience to transition Blockbuster into the modern day Netflix, but they failed to see the opportunity.

Blockbuster is bankrupt today. Netflix and Redbox now run the show while raking in billions.

After explaining this story to the business owner, I also let him know that it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is or even what industry you’re in.

You have to look ahead and even around the next corner on the road your driving (in business).

If millions of new people and potential clients are flocking to the internet everyday, it’s necessary for you to do the same regardless of if you own a restaurant, run a flower shop, sell specialty items, or provide a niche service.

The stats don’t lie! Over the next few years, a billion new people will be connected to the web.

I hope that you not only learned something beneficial from reading this article, but have a good understanding on the importance of getting online yourself.

Sharing is fun 🙂 Would appreciate you sharing this if you enjoyed it. -Ryan Malinowski


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