Social Media is Wasting Your Time: Process To Productivity- Part 2

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In my last post about productivity, I discussed limiting your daily tasks in order to get more done. Haven’t read it yet, click here 2-3 Things a Day: Process To Productivity- Part 1

Today, I’m going to dive further into this by discussing Social Media and it’s impact on your daily productivity.

Depending on what you do for a living, there is a good chance you check your Social Media a few times a day, if not much more than that (most people check 20+ times a day).

Staying connected via social media is important, but you could do so in a more efficient manner.

Instead of randomly checking social media accounts throughout the day, you’re better off setting allotted times to use them and check for updates (Example. 9 am, 5 pm, 10 pm).

What happens for 90% of us?

We stop what we are doing, start scrolling social media, and lose track of time. Then we feel the need to continue doing this more often throughout the day (it’s a continual obsession for some)

Before we know it, a half hour has gone by.

A lot people even freak out when they don’t have a phone by their side. Sound like you? 

If not, AWESOME!!

If so, try putting the phone away a little more (you don’t need it 24/7).The Success Tree- firefighter example

Unless you are a volunteer firefighter, and in that case…..even YOU don’t need it on 24/7.

I’m not telling or giving you a schedule to abide by. I’m simply raising the fact that people waste hours of their days on social media which could be spent more productively.

If you don’t mind wasting time aimlessly scrolling, that’s your choice.

But if you want to be productive, make one simple change to Increase Productivity via Social Media:

Create a limit for how often each day you check each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Just because you have a notification that 2 people recently liked your Instagram photo doesn’t make it productive to scroll the feed for 15 minutes after checking that.

I know I can be somewhat sarcastic in my approach to people wasting productive time on social media, but I mean well by it.


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