Your Cell Phone & E-mail Are Overwhelming You

We’ve all used the expression, “there’s not enough time in a day to get everything done.”

I’ve said it, you’ve said it, your eccentric aunt or uncle has said it!

Instead of telling ourselves that we don’t have enough time, we should be asking ourselves, am I prioritizing well?

Read the next line a few times before continuing to read this article.

“Being busy is not the same as being productive”

The two simple habits that kill most of our time are below:

1. Carrying your phone with you 24/7. I call this “Hip-Cell Syndrome” because you freak out if your phones not by your side every minute of everyday.

This is an attachment issue. Stop being so clingy 🙂

2. Constantly checking your e-mail throughout the day. Ex. “Hey, I need to hit refresh in my inbox to see if Tracy responded.”

Creating better habits with these two brutal habits will increase your daily productivity and output 2x, maybe even 5x or 10x.

Let’s begin with the first bad habit, “Hip-Cell Syndrome.”

There is nothing wrong with being available to answer and respond to calls most of the time from family, friends, etc, but you don’t need your phone by your side 24/7.

Some examples are while you are at the gym, at the movies, on a date night with a good looking girl/guy, or while you’re cashing out at the grocery store.

What to do:

Set a designated time where you set your phone aside…and won’t be tempted to check it. 

Examples that may work for you below.

  • Put away for a full afternoon on the weekend while you’re out
  • Half hour every evening while your spending quality time with family/friends
  • While you’re exercising, reading, and doing anything productive

Not only will you feel a great sense of relief by being phone-free, you will also realize that it’s not essential to look at it 24 hours a day.

Now that we’ve discussed the first bad habit, let’s move onto bad habit #2.

Checking e-mail too often.

It’s great that we’re all connected so closely with today’s technology, but Johnny Appleseed who you work with doesn’t need you to respond to his work e-mail at 11 PM at night 30 minutes after he sends it (this isn’t an emergency and can surely wait until the morning).

The average smart phone user easily checks e-mail 15-30 times a day. You are killing your productivity and the original tasks you had set.

“You wouldn’t do a full load of laundry with one shirt and jeans, you wait until you have a full load. Same goes for e-mail.”

What to do:

Set a strict schedule to check your e-mail at a few select times each day. 2-3 max

The reason these habits kill our productivity is because they side track us. Before you know it, you’re checking e-mail for no reason and scrolling through social media for hours. Then it becomes the end of the day and you feel unproductive.

Prioritize, simplify, and free yourself from this technology on occasion. You will get much better results on a day-to-day basis.

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