What We Were Taught From A Young Age

  • Go to school
  • Get good grades
  • Your good grades will get you into that college
  • Your college degree will automatically secure you with your dream job
  • The dream job will never let you go

If the year was 1965, this might have been pretty sound advice.

Today though, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is what we should’ve been taught:

  • Go to school
  • Do your best work at school (it’s okay to make mistakes…learn from them…if you get good grades….great)
  • If you feel that college is the best route for you to take, GO FOR IT! (don’t go aimlessly just because you think it’s expected).
  • College won’t guarantee you get that great job & higher pay…you’re going to have to prove why you are worth that along with that piece of paper (your degree).
  • You probably won’t work for the same company forever. This might’ve been very normal for our parents and grandparents, but two things have changed: 1. Employees hold more power today than ever before (you can apply for 100 jobs simultaneously via computer on a Thursday afternoon) 2. As a whole, companies are less loyal to their employees than they use to.

A college degree can hold great value, but a majority of people are mistaken in their belief that because you have a degree, jobs will come lining up at your door. It’s not the case. Understanding that the working world we live in today is changing dramatically is essential.

No one is going to pay a decent wage to someone working on the assembly line anymore. They can find cheaper workers for that.

No one is going to pay a decent wage to someone working at the bank as a teller anymore. They want you to take a picture of your checks on your smartphone.

No one is going to pay a decent wage to do EASY jobs anymore.

By embracing the change in our economy, we’ll all be better suited in the long run.

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