Why Most People Stay At Jobs they Dislike

I’ll give you the short, simple and blunt answer: FEAR

Yes….I know…..some of you probably want to tell me that there are more reasons than that. In the short term, you’re correct. Sometimes it’s necessary to stay at a job temporarily to pay bills, find a new one, etc. But when it boils down to the real reason why, fear is the only thing holding anyone back from leaving a job they really dislike.

Let me explain.

People settle with jobs they dislike because:

  • It’s a job
  • The pay is decent
  • Their family, friends, etc are proud they have this job (regardless of if they actually like it)

They are unwilling to leave because they:

  • Are unwilling to risk looking for a position that could actually be more enjoyable
  • Are scared of the thought of not having their current job
  • Fear the unknown (this is the biggest hurdle for most people)

It’s up to you to make the decision. No one else…you need to decide!

Do you truly enjoy your job? (deep down- not just, I like some of my co-workers and they are nice)

Would you be happier pursuing a different career path? What would that be?

Looking back a few decades from now, will you be glad you chose the route you did?

You’re in the driver’s seat. Take your car where you want it to go!! –Ryan Malinowski


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